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As amazing as purchasing an RV is, maintaining it can be a tough endeavor. Especially when the RV is only used once or twice per year. Occasionally, it can be difficult to keep an RV that is lying around in the lawn. However, what if we tell you that there are certain ways to make the RV pay for itself? Additionally, what if it may even make some extra cash for you? Well there's. RV Consignment Lady Lake, FL!

HOW CAN RV Consignment WORK?

When you consign your RV to an RV rental service, you enable that rental service to rent your RV out. This is for the majority of the year you will not be using it. Naturally, you will get a share of the rental fee. This whenever they rent out your RV is managed by the rental service. Determined by the number of times your RV rents out, you can make quite a bit. It may be enough money to cater for even some extra gains and all the RV's care costs.

If you're seeking an RV consignment in Lady Lake, FL, welcome to Journey RV!!

We've got a fleet of RV rentals in Class B Class A, and Class C classes. Due to the increasing demand of RV rentals in Lady Lake, FL, it is really challenging to regularly meet with the demand. Thus, we're always looking out for new RVs to join our fleet.

Consider consigning it to us should you own a camper van, a motor home or a travel trailer which you just use a number of times every year. We're a family owned RV rental service that is reputable. If you're looking for a consignment deal that is fantastic, we're the RV consignment Lady Lake, FL that you're searching for.


When you consign your RV to us, you'll still retain its possession. If you would like to use it for personal purposes at any given moment, your RV will be accessible for your use. We merely ask you to notify us in advance so that we do not inconvenience our clients.

Journey RV is the only RV consignment business serving Lady Lake, FL that gives 50% of the rental rate we lease our clientele their RVs to RV owners. In case you join up with the Journey RV fleet, you can make $5000 to $30,000 additional income depending on how frequently your RV is let.


With Journey RV Rental, you also get to take advantage of free storage including high security tracking for your RV as long as your RV rents out at least once in a month. We'll also add your RV to our master commercial rental coverage which will significantly lower your expenses on insurance. You will also get comprehensive monthly records revealing the amount of times mileage, maintenance, your RV rented out, and hours.

Please click here to learn more on joining our family of RV leases. You may realize that we're the best RV rental when it comes to RV Consignment in Lady Lake, FL.

Finally, if you are interested, or have additional questions or would simply like to learn more about our RV Consignment plan for Lady Lake, FL, them give us a call at 813 802-9285 and we will be pleased to go over this at length and hopefully work with you.

Should you choose to consign your RV with is, we'll be happy to have your RV join our fleet. We'd love hearing from you and answer your questions. We are confident youwill be happy you found us on the internet trying to find an RV Consignment Company who serves Lady Lake, FL, FL clients. We can discuss various options including our making arrangements to get your RV delivered to our facility if you are out of our immediate market area.

Thank you and we look forward to discussing with you.