RV Rental Quote


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RV Rental Quote will include the following:  Our RV Rental Rates are all-inclusive, go as many miles as you like and use the generator without having to worry about extra charges. That’s Right FREE Mileage and FREE generator use, As in Unlimited at no extra charge. We don’t want you spending your vacation time worrying about going over miles or hours we would rather you spend it worrying about where you will travel next or what you will see. A lot of RV Rental companies give you a minuscule amount of mileage per day and charge if you go over the allotted mileage. They will also charge for every hour you use the generator over the daily-allotted amount of hours. We want you to relax and enjoy your vacation in comfort. Our all-inclusive pricing allows you to relax and focus on your well-deserved vacation without having to worry about price adjustment surprises at the end of your trip. Here at Journey RV Rentals, we want you to “Experience the Journey difference”

*Certain conditions or restrictions may apply; contact us with dates and the RV rental you are interested in for an exact RV rental quote

We have a minimum 3 day rental period on all of our RV rentals. All of our Motorhomes and Travel Trailer rentals are available for any number of nights above 3, we would be happy to quote you on any unit for any number of days.

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    • A few bullet points to take note of while getting your RV Rental Quote –
      • Our RV rental quote includes mileage, generator use, basic cleaning charges, and fresh water tank refill.
      • We do require security deposits on all of our RV rentals and travel trailer rentals. The security deposit varies depending on the unit you reserve. This is placed on your Credit Card or Debit Card as a hold and will be released to you 7-14 days after the return of your RV rental as long as you return it in the same condition you picked it up, with no damages, no smoking and no pets. We also make a carbon copy of your Credit Card when you pick your RV rental up from our facilities.
      • Our all-inclusive rate includes basic cleaning of the interior of the RV as well as exterior cleaning. Excessive cleaning may result in additional charges.
      • No Pets, if we discover there had been an undisclosed pet in the RV during your rental we do charge as outlined in the RV Rental Agreement.
      • If smoking has taken place in the coach we have a very strict policy on this, a $500.00 fee will be debited from your security deposit. All of our RV’s are non-smoking.
      • You are responsible for returning the coach full of fuel just the same as you picked up the unit. If the unit is returned and is not full, you will be charged an $80.00 fee as well as the cost of fuel to reach full.


More than 30 days out from your adventure,  20% or $300.00 whichever is greater, for all Camper Rentals and 20% or $750.00 whichever is greater, for all Motorized RV’s is deducted from your total cost will be charged to your credit card you have listed.

Less than 30 days out from your adventure, the remaining balance will be charged to your credit card you have listed. If you are booking less than 30 days out, all of the rental fees and the security deposit will be due at the time of Reservation.

When you arrive to pick up your RV rental you will need:

    • A smile and excitement
    • Drivers License for any and all drivers listed on the rental contract
    • Your Credit Card, the same one we have applied charges to
    • A copy of your vehicle insurance with any additional binders or riders that cover the RV during your rental


**Your rental must be returned between the hours of 9am to 12pm on your scheduled day of return**

**All insurance matters should have been arranged and resolved prior to date of departure. If you were unable to obtain insurance through your personal insurance carrier, you will need to purchase insurance through our provider at a daily rate.**