RV Consignment


RV Consignment Has Its Benefits:

Journey RV Rental offers an RV Consignment Program to RV owners in the Tampa, FL area with significant benefits. RV Consignment (formerly known as RV Leaseback) is a smart way to turn your liability into an income-producing asset. You can gain significant tax benefits by leasing your RV, as well as off-set the cost of ownership while putting money in your pocket every month.
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Studies By The RVIA and The RVDA Show:

“Renting an RV makes good economic sense. Many RV models allow a family of four to save up to 57 percent on vacation costs over other forms of travel. Want to take your family of four to Orlando for a week? In a motorhome, that trip will cost 53 percent less than flying, renting a car, staying in a hotel, and eating out.”


The most popular length of an RV rental contact was six to seven nights, according to those answering the survey.

RVDA Survey

It is a proven fact that one out of every ten households in America owns an RV. Of the nearly 10 million RV’s in the United States, 9 of 10 are used less than 25-30 days a year. The rest of the time they sit in storage collecting dust, tires dry rotting and deferred maintenance accruing. This can make RV ownership very expensive!

We all know that an RV is a depreciating liability, BUT, with our RV Consignment program we can turn that liability into an income-producing asset with the cost of ownership being offset and while gaining significant tax benefits. There are a lot of reasons people Rent RV’s, one of the most common uses are family vacations. Journey RV Rental specializes in marketing and advertising your RV, has a stringent screening process for potential renters and covers your Recreational Vehicle with some of the best commercial renters insurance in the Nation. Our RV Consignment Program is second to None.

Rental Demand is High, we strive to keep our Owners RV’s on the road and making money for them.

Check Out What Some Of Our Fleet Owners Have To Say:

It was the best decision we have made! We wanted to sell, because we couldn’t justify the payments for the amount of time we actually used our RV. Now, we still own our RV, use it when we want and make money on it when we are not using it.

Michael K.

Our RV used to sit more than it was on the road, we considered selling it because of little use and we couldn’t see paying for something we weren’t using.  We decided to give Journey a try. Journey has not only made owning our RV cheap they have put money in our pocket almost year round.

Nancy and Jim B.

Our RV has been maintained better than we could have done on our own and we can use it when we want…….

Jessi L.

Don’t let your RV sit another minute! Join the Fleet with Journey RV Rental today! RV Consignment (813) 802-9285