RV Consignment Benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Journey Fleet?

If the cost of owning an RV has become a burden, or you simply do not have enough time to use your Motor home, RV or Camper enough to justify owning it, Journey RV Rental can help! Maybe you have recently upgraded your coach or camper and haven’t sold your old one, Journey’s Fleet option may be the answer you have been looking for.

Turning Your Burden Into An Investment

Our RV Fleet is truly one of a kind. Active units enrolled in our RV rental consignment program on average receive 20-30 weeks of rentals throughout the year. This generates enough income to offset many of the cost’s of owning an RV, in some case all of the cost’s. By joining the fleet consignment program you can justify the cost’s of ownership because it becomes and investment that produces income monthly and is still available for your private use throughout the year. Think of it as a rental property or time-share. Use it when you want and rent it out the rest of the time.

Tax Benefits You Gain When Joining Our Fleet

When you join our fleet you not only offset your cost of ownership and earn income you may qualify for tax benefits as well.

Expenses – You will be able to deduct things such as mileage, upgrades purchased for your coach or camper, maintenance costs and a vacation every year. You can also use an accelerated depreciation as a write off. These all now become a business write off when you join the fleet.

Deductions – You are able to take up to 52% in the first 2 years, and most of our owners use a 5 year depreciation schedule.

Section 179 Deduction – the government allows, each year, a capital investment purchase that can use an accelerated depreciation schedule. In 2010, the allowance was $35,000, if you would like more information see the Publication 946 from the IRS.
***These are potential tax benefits, consult your CPA or tax professional for maximum benefits and how to explain these terms properly. We are not CPA’s nor are we tax professionals this is based on our current clientele.

How Can I Enroll, Or Get More Info?

Enrollment in the Journey RV Rental Consignment program is just a few steps away! Owners will need to supply the RV, fill out an agreement, be added to our master commercial rental insurance policy and we take care of all that for you. We have the experience and a stringent screening process, in fact one of the best in the industry. Journey RV Rental will professionally manage and maintain your RV or Camper, screen each potential renter and collect deposits and rental fees for each rental. We send an itemized print out each month for each of our owners that will show how many days it was rented, how many miles, how many hours on the generator and cost’s associated with maintaining the RV. We mail you a check between the 15th and 20th of the following month. Give us a call and one of our specialists will help you to understand the process in full. You can download the Journey Management Agreement here here.