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Frequently Asked Questions About RV Consignment

I don’t want my RV to get tore up or trashed!

This is the single most frequently asked question and concern by RV owners that are considering joining our fleet. First, we would like you to know that we conduct all business dealings in an honest and up front manner. We know the concern is a legitimate one and we would like to address this concern up front. We will care for your RV as if it were our own. We maintain, clean and inspect every RV before and after every rental to ensure our owners are protected. The only exceptions are normal wear and tear and maintenance items (Tires, generator service and maintenance etc.)

Our Clientele:

Our rental clientele is not your average customer. Our target demographic is a household where the median annual household income is 70k-100k a year. They are over 25 years of age and extensively screened through the process of applying to rent an RV from us. Most of our Clientele are families looking to travel in a different manner than mainstream America. They are looking for the experience of driving the open road and having all the comforts of home with them.


We have a proven screening system in place that carefully scrutinizes each potential renter and their background pertinent to RV rental. We collect information such as name, address, and verify employment; we verify that they have an unrestricted Drivers License and that it is valid. We also check and screen their driving record going back 3 years. If there is something that is questionable we will not rent your RV, your interest is our interest. We are always working to benefit our owners and satisfy our customers.


We collect Insurance information to ensure they have the proper coverage and binders to cover your RV on their insurance, as well as we carry the proper Commercial rental insurance to cover your Investment properly. We require each renter to add the proper coverage to their auto insurance, BUT, if they are unable to get the proper coverage’s we require them to purchase our insurance which is one of the best in the industry. We hold a security deposit that covers the deductible in the event of an accident. Click here to find out more about MBA Insurance.


After each renter has been screened and approved, they are given a 1-3 hour orientation. Needless to say we give them extensive training on your RV and they must sign that they have been properly trained and understand how to operate each system as well as drive the RV. This prevents the renter coming back later and stating that the reason something was damaged or broken was because they didn’t know or weren’t shown how to properly operate it.


Each of our prescreened and trained renters is required to sign off on a terms and conditions page as well as a policies & procedures page. These have been written with our owners in mind, and offer a barrier of protection for our Coach owners and Journey RV Rentals and Management LLC should any issues arise. Our policies and procedures spell out clearly the renters responsibilities and clearly define the penalties that could be assessed if they are not adhered to.

Care and Maintenance of your RV:

Every one of our RV’s in our fleet are cleaned regularly, kept full of fresh fuel, the water tank is filled as well as the Waste tanks dumped properly. Even if your Coach does not rent we will periodically run all the systems and inspect your RV routinely. We take photographs before it is placed in our fleet as well as go through the entire RV and all of its systems to ensure it is in top working condition. We take video of every check out just before the renter departs for their trip. The renter signs a form stating that they have inspected the RV and that everything is in good condition and agrees to return it in the same condition. They will return the RV full of fuel, clean and without damage, we take care of the fresh water tanks and dumping the waste tanks. If they fail to return it full of fuel, clean and undamaged we charge the renter for any damage done, cleaning needed and see to it that it gets done in a timely manner.

We take special care and precaution so that your RV does not get damaged or trashed.

Can people smoke in my RV?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have a very strict “zero tolerance” policy on smoking in our fleet RV’s. If any evidence is uncovered that the renter has smoked in the RV they are charged a $500.00 smoking fee and we ensure that a professional company comes out to rid the Coach of the smoke odor. We know $500.00 seems excessive – this is done on purpose to deter any renter from smoking in our RV’s. It would be near impossible to rent an RV that reeks of cigarettes or cigars, so it’s in our interest to keep all of our coaches smoke-free.

Who is allowed to drive my RV?

Only those that are over the age of 25, have a valid driver license and a clean driving record. Every driver must be listed on the rental agreement and are extensively screened as mentioned previously. Each renter understands that they are the responsible party and can be charged accordingly if damage due to negligence occurs.

How will I know my RV will be properly maintained?

Journey RV Rentals and Management has high standards when it comes to the maintenance of our fleet RV’s. We keep detailed records of dates, mileage, generator hours, tire tread depth, services performed and so on. We have software where we enter in all this information and keep track of the usage on these items. When we receive an RV into our fleet we enter it into our sophisticated but simple to use software and this helps us track and properly maintain our RV’s. Each time an RV is rented the mileage is recorded as well as generator hours, this happens on check out and upon return. This all goes into our system, when the mileage or hours hit the amount to be serviced our system sends us an alert. Journey’s average rental ticket is $2-$5000.00 so it is in our best interest to have only highly maintained RV’s in our inventory. It is imperative that we have only the cleanest and best maintained RV’s ready to rent at all times.

What if I want to use my RV?

Anytime! It is your RV after all, simply give us a call and we can arrange to have your RV topped off and ready to go. We do ask that you give us advanced notice, because your RV may be busy making you money. We do try and accommodate your requests, but keep in mind your RV is part of a rental fleet and making money for you. For best results contact us as soon as possible. When you arrive to pick up your RV it will be clean, full of fuel, waste tanks empty and fresh water tanks full. We ask that you call us a few hours in advance before arriving so we can start the refrigerator, water heater and check the appliances, generator and so on. All we ask is that you return it to us the same way so it can be ready to go out on its next rental.

How much money can I make?

While we cannot guarantee any number of rentals or income, we can tell you that our RV’s rent an average of 10-16 days a month. We can ensure you that we work very hard to keep your RV busy making you money. Our busiest times are the summer months, holiday months, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, football season, race season and other times throughout the year. There will be times when your RV is constantly rented and other times when it doesn’t rent that much. We have owners that range in income from $10k up to $35k a year in our fleet. Our split with our owners is 50/50.

Why should I join your fleet?

At Journey RV Rentals and Management we manage Class A, Class C and Travel Trailers. We take our job seriously and are experts in managing gas powered as well as diesel Recreational Vehicles. We can add your RV to our Unique Fleet of RV rentals while you remain complete owner of your RV. Today, in this economy, people are renting more than they are buying. We can tell you that the demand for RV rentals is high while the supply is low. As we mentioned before we have Owners in our fleet that range from $6,000-$35,000 a year in incomes from the rental of their RV. In some cases the rental of their RV covers the complete cost of ownership.

While we cannot promise or guarantee a certain number of rentals or level of income we can tell you that we work very hard and diligently to keep your RV rented and making money. When you join our fleet you could gain significant tax benefits as well.

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