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Benefit from monthly commission checks &
professional maintenance

Journey RV Rentals, LLC manages RVs on behalf of individual RV owners with a twofold objective:

  • To maximise Owners monthly commission checks
  • To ensure well-maintained vehicles

RV Owners’ Dilemma
Most RV owners use their vehicles for a few weeks each year at best. The rest of the year, it sits idle while the monthly bills keep rolling in. Worse, RVs are not designed to stand still so your tires suffer from dry rot while required maintenance only becomes evident when you next use it.

The RV Financing Trap
There is also a built-in issue with longer term leases since the rate of depreciation exceeds the rate of principal repayment. As a result, many RV owners find themselves underwater when they come to sell. Unsurprisingly, their outstanding loan exceeds the value of the RV.

Steady Income – Better Sleep
By joining our consignment fleet, you can earn a steady stream of income to help defray some or all of the monthly expenses of owning an RV. As might be expected, RV rentals have peaks and troughs through a given year, with summer vacations being the seasonal peak.

We also manage the maintenance so you can sleep well knowing that your vehicle is being managed by Florida’s leading RV Rental group and that two of the best known technicians in the Tampa area will be actually working on it.

You are our partner. As such, we treat you accordingly with open communication that builds trust. We encourage your input but our job is to maximise your income and to relieve you of the day-to-day worries of managing your RV.

Tax Benefits
For owners with sufficient unearned income, there are significant tax benefits from purchasing an RV for rent while more modest tax advantages can accrue to all Consignment Owners. We recommend you consult your tax advisor for professional advice.

  • Our owners receive 50% of the rental rate anytime the RV is rented.
  • Each Owner has exclusive access to their Owner File including monthly rentals, commissions and maintenance
  • Every renter purchases insurance on the vehicle or provides evidence of existing coverage
  • Journey RV Rental provides free storage every month at our location as long as the RV rents out at least once during the month. This includes a security gate, 24 hour monitoring, high tech camera system and shore power as well as water hook ups.
  • All Journey RV Rental customers pay a damage deposit for any of our units, it is enough to cover any unexpected damages and/or cover the insurance deductible. Minimum security deposit is $1,500.
  • We manage all aspects of sales & marketing of your vehicle with a view to optimizing the vehicle usage.
  • Your RV is available when you want it, and we make sure its clean, all tanks are full or empty as well as inspected by our certified RV technicians. We ask that you do not use it during peak rental months.


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